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Performance OM617 M Injection Pump (Dieselmeken)

Performance OM617 M Injection Pump (Dieselmeken)

Want performance and tunability for your OM617? These M pumps provide just that! They are built with 7.5 mm Dieselmeken elements, that can produce up to 170 CC's of fuel. Unlike the MW pumps, you can tune and adjust the fuel to your liking using the external ALDA.

These are a direct replacement of the MW pumps found on all US Mercedes-Benz OM617 engines. These M pumps were only sold in Europe.


Your pump will be built in house and usually only takes a few days, but can be up to a couple weeks, depending on our current queue. You do not need to send us a core or pay extra for one as the purchase is an out-right sale.


If you can, please ship us a core pump once you receive your built pump, using the provided return label, and same packaging. We will refund the following values from your order, once we receive your core(s):

$350 for OM603 and 1995 OM606

$300 for OM602

$300 for OM617 M

$100 for OM606 and OM605 EDC

$100 for OM617 MW