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Super-Performance Mechanical Injection Pump

Super-Performance Mechanical Injection Pump

These mechanical injection pumps are built to produce a lot of fuel, with steady and linear delivery. Here is why: 


Element: We use 8.0 mm Mynä elements. We've found these elements to be the best for high fuel delivery. Our pumps produce 250 cc of fuel with these elements, which is good for over 700 HP on a Mercedes-Benz OM606. 


ALDA: We use a vertical spring loaded ALDA. The spring allows steady incremental fueling.  Instead of the traditional spring-less systems, where all the fuel comes in at a certain amount of boost, this alows fuel delivery to be better dispered over a wider, more linear boost range. 


You can choose if you want your pump with a natural finish, or painted (as shown) in a color of your choice. Every pump is cleaned via ultrasound, and then, if chosen, primed and painted with high heat enamel, in the color of your choice. 


In the notes at check out, please state what you want the ALDA set to at high boost. The pump can produce up to 250 cc, but the ALDA is usually set to a lower limit, which you can adjust. 


Your pump will be built in house and usually only takes a few days, but can be up to a couple weeks, depending on our current queue. You do not need to send us a core or pay extra for one as the purchase is an out-right sale.


$350 for OM603 and 1995 OM606

$300 for OM602

$300 for OM617 M

$100 for OM606 and OM605 EDC

$100 for OM617 MW


No lift pump will be included, as you need ~3 bar of fuel pressure, which you can obtain using a electric lift pump, such as a Bosch 044.